Unrest Productions

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unprlp04  HAL HUTCHINSON - Wreckage & Reconstruction, LP 250 copies (Pending)

unprlp03  IRON FIST OF THE SUN - Tears Royal, LP, 250 copies (Pending)

unprlp02  TenHornedBeast - The White People, LP, 250 copies (Pending)

unprlp01  PESTDEMON - Helvetesljuset, LP, 250 copies (Available)

unprep03 SHIFT/ANEMONE TUBE - Dark Waters, 7", 111 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unprep02 GANZMORD - In Praise of the Weeping Filth, 7", 300 copies (Available)

unprep01 MUTANT APE/THE RITA - Kings of violence/Murky by the Sandbar, 7", 220 copies (Sold out/Deleted)




unprcd05 SHIFT - Bulk, CD, 350 copies (Available)

unprcd04 KOEFF - Liminal Looks, 3"CD, 500 copies (Deleted)

unprcd03 RICHARD RAMIREZ - Start Again, CD, 500 copies (Available)

unprcd02 RYN - Astral Death, CD, 500 copies (Available)

unprcd01 SHIFT - Unable to Abide the Silence of the World, CD, 300 copies (Sold Out)




unrest27 SHIFT - 16/9/05, c58120 copies (Available)

unrest26 HUMAN LARVAE - What Lies Ahead, c40, 120 copies (Available)

unrest25 IRON FIST OF THE SUN - Danny La Rue..., C50, 122 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest24 BRANDKOMMANDO - Liquid Times, C66, 125 copies (Available)

unrest23 SOFT OPTION KILLING - Every Brutal Act a Service, C40, 121 copies (Available)

unrest22 PESTDEMON - Doppelgänger, C30, 141 copies (Available)

unrest21 IRON FIST OF THE SUN - Blush, C36, 120 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest20 SICK SEED - Guilty Pleasures, C26, 120 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest19 PESTDEMON - Hidden Temple, C30, 120 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest18 PESTDEMON - Esurient and Unwholesome, c40, 100 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest17 ROUGH SEX QUARTET - Bound Slit, c72, 100 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest16 SHIFT - Morose, c30, 120 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest15 WEREWOLF JERUSALEM - The PREMONITION Tapes (infection), c60, 60 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest14 SHIFT - Abandon, c24, 20 copies, (sold only at the Gent show 07/04/07/Deleted)

unrest12 HAARE - Lysergic Trepanation, c40 100 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest11 SOFT OPTION KILLING - Rogue State, c30, 60 copies (sold out)

unrest10  BBBLOOD - Visions of Lizard Ecstasy, c20, 60 copies (Sold Out/Deleted)

unrest09 JAZZFINGER - Tar of the Moon Vol. 2, c46, 100 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest08 GELSOMINA - Filmland Depravity, c40, 100 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest07 FILTHY TURD - Blessed Are These Tears I cry, c40, 60 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest06 MUTANT APE - Morte Felice, c60, 60 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest05 SHIFT/ROMANCE - Gateshead Sessions, c30, 60 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest04 BLACK LEATHER JESUS/MUTANT APE - Split, c40, 100 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest03 INSTITUT - Epidemics, c40, 100 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest02 OPERATIV PERMANENT - Know Your Enemy, c40, 50 copies (sold out/deleted)

unrest01 UGP - What We Want, What We Believe, c38, 50 copies (sold out/deleted)