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SHIFT/HAL HUTCHINSON - Full Weight Of The Opposition, 10" (Unsound Recordings)

Life in England under The Full Weight Of The Opposition.
Officially released at the Unrest Over Prague event on Saturday 4/5/13. Limited to 196 copies. Order here



SHIFT hits the Coldest Road for a one night only performance in London together with IFOTS and HAL HUTCHINSON 3/5/12.



SHIFT is back on the Coldest Road in May. After an invite to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Silken Tofu we will be appearing in Gent on Friday the 21st of May. Other groups confirmed are Tzii, Anemone Tube and Troum. Expect some changes to the live performance!

Also, the split with Sick Seed was sent to the pressing plant last week.





The enthusiasts at Human Waste Communications have made another SHIFT video. Not sure what Vladimir Ulemek and Arkan's Tigers have to do with the track but it looks sinister enough. Dan Bengtsson supplied the crushing low end bass which can be heard if played through decent speakers. This track was meant to be called To End It All but because I conveniently forgot the title prior to release and with the deadline fast approaching I opted for Crying instead. One of the precious few regrets I've had with SHIFT. Regardless of that, here it is!



I was drafted in at very late notice to fill the void for PAIN NAIL who sadly couldn't attend GENOCIDE ORGAN's 25th anniversary in Leipzig. A 23 hour trek, 20 minute set in front of 400 people and several beers later I had no voice left. The set may have looked something like this from the crowd. I extend my thanks to GO for their hospitality and generosity. Special thanks to keith from STAB ELECTRONICS who aided me on stage and of course a huge thank you to everyone who showed up!

In other news I have finished a brand new track destined for a split LP with SICK SEED later this year.



After an amazing time around Europe this autumn which included 5 gigs in Sweden, Finland and Germany the time has come for the final SHIFT live action this year. London's ILL FM has kindly invited me to share the bill with ANTIchildLEAGUE, TONE SUCKER, VULTURES 5/12/09, More info here



SHIFT - Sleep Paralysis CD has been added to the Unrest shop now. Order here



The Sleep Paralysis tape has been reissued by Freak Animal.

SHIFT "sleep paralysis" cd (12.00,-) NEW
FA-CD-048. Re-issue of the tape done by Freak Animal not so long ago. Simply landmark in Shifts discography. Heaviness, slowness, heavily processed vocals, deep throbbing synths... Somewhere between power electronics, death industrial, heavy drone, not fitting exactly to the easy sub-genres, but suitable for anyone appreciating dark and heavy electronics. Full color covers in jewelbox. Freak Animal